Double Deep Pallet Racking

Item No.: HEDA2021031501
ack to Back Shelf Systems are one of the most preferred and most economical storage systems that enable the storage of pallets of different sizes, various products to be stacked with baskets, containers, chests and baskets, and provide wide usage opportun

Warehouses in which a balance is required between the accessibility or selectivity of the unit loads and the increase in storage capacity.

Double deep pallet racking must be used with special forklifts prepared for this type of system, equipped with telescopic forks or with an especially designed pantograph mechanism to correctly access the second pallet.

It is a highly efficient and robust system, with easy assembly and regulation of load levels. Furthermore, it is both adjustable pallet racking and racking perfectly adapted to goods of different weight or volume.

      Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking:

  • Increase in storage capacity compared to adjustable pallet racking.
  • Access to the pallets continues to be simple and relatively quick, maintaining 50% immediate accessibility and reasonable rotation of goods.
  • System with a good use of all the available locations, generally above 80-90%.
  • Intermediate system between an adjustable pallet or selective racking system and a high-density compact system.
  • LIFO (Last in, First out) system, where the last pallet deposited on the racking will be the first one to leave.
  • More efficient system, which eliminates unnecessary aisles and increases the use of available space.
  • Double deep pallet racking systems adapt to any type of unit load.
  • As with adjustable pallet racking systems, the assembly and disassembly process and replacement of components is quick and simple.
  • Saves time and effort in the handling of unit loads, generating fast stock rotation.

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