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Tips for preventing and reducing the collapse of warehouse rack

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Update time : 2021-05-20 11:30:02
As a medium for daily storage of goods, shelves have a large market demand and customer requirements are also different, which has also led to chaos in the shelf industry. At present, there are no written standards and certifications in the industry. Most of the standards are set by manufacturers. In the fierce market competition environment, there are no written regulations on production materials and processes, and the shelves produced have large differences in load-bearing. So how to prevent the safety accident of the collapse of storage shelves? It has become a topic of most concern to consumers. For this reason, the editor will explain how to prevent and reduce safety accidents caused by the collapse of storage shelves.
(1) Replace the old shelves in time
Storage shelves are generally made of metal, which has a certain load-bearing strength and can withstand the pressure of the goods. In many cases, although storage shelves do not need to pay attention to the appearance like other products, stability, process problems, and use time have gradually become the most concerned issues of consumers who buy storage shelves. Everyone knows that any product has a lifespan. If it is used beyond this limit, it will easily cause various problems. If you don't pay attention, it may cause life safety problems.
(2) Correctly select and use shelves, reasonably plan the layout and design storage space
In combination with the current market environment and application requirements, two requirements should be paid attention to when choosing shelves. It is necessary to customize the quality of the shelves according to the characteristics of the goods and the weight of the stored items to choose the appropriate load-bearing shelves, which can meet the requirements of use. On the premise, save costs, and take into account the load-bearing, life and safety of heavy-duty storage shelves themselves. When purchasing, you need to compare the shelves and choose shelves with reliable quality and stable performance. Do not overload during use, especially high-level shelves. Shelves must not be overloaded.
Reasonable storage space layout planning is also closely related to daily safety operations. Conducive to the safety and integrity of materials stored in the warehouse. It is helpful to reduce the workload of warehouse operators and reduce unnecessary duplication of labor. The reasonable layout of the warehouse is also conducive to the smooth flow of various passages, ensuring the passage and safety of various personnel in the warehouse.
(3) The necessary protection, protection, preventive measures and equipment must be adopted and applied
For example, the use of protective fences; the use of grids or blocks on the shelves in Foshan to avoid the pallets from falling and causing serious consequences; the safety training of personnel should be timely and in place, and landing, not just verbal or formalism. For example, the height of the material plane should not exceed 2.5 meters to prevent dumping and injury; the stability of the items on the shelf should be checked frequently to prevent falling objects from high altitudes; the forklift should be operated smoothly according to the characteristics of the goods during the loading and unloading process to prevent tilting and slipping injuries. People, and the correct and safe use of equipment, etc.
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