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Most of the time, we pass a  a fruit and vegetable supermarket, it is clear that there is no demand, but involuntarily attracted, and then happily bought a lot, why? This is because they have designed the most attractive shelf style and the most beautiful shelf form. Research shows that a fruit store with a beautiful set of fruit shelves can increase sales by 30%. This is the importance of a professional shelf supplier.

Heda Shelves is a professional shelf company with a long history. With 21 years of shelf design, production and research experience, Heda shelves has become a company that knows the needs of customers best, knows the laws and standards of various countries in the world, and is also familiar with fruit and vegetable racks.

Grocery store units ensure that fruits and vegetables are served regularly. Make your product offer more elegant and up-to-date with mirror that make it easy for customers to choose. The best starting materials for use in grocery units are shelves, slabs, iron, steel, aluminum and plastic. Perforated green boxes designed to allow water to flow over your products allow fruits and vegetables to remain unobstructed for longer periods of time. Taking into account the hygiene that markets place on groceries, we design all grocery store units so they can be washed.We can offer grocery department section according to the shape of your grocery store. Central grocery store units are the ideal choice for grocery store owners who wish to benefit from the central area. Depending on what they need in this area, they can also choose moving grocery store systems. The wheeled chassis under the seats allows you to move as you wish.

Product Descriptions:
Material: Stainless Steel, Cold-rolled Steel
Surface Treatment: Powder Coated
Size: ( Size can be customized) 
Style: Double-side and single layer,heavy-duty
loading Capacity: 100kg/layer
Color: ( any color can make )
Package: By carton with plastic bubble film. Safe protection for long-distance transportation.
1.This kind of rack,easy to assemble and dismantle.
2.With suitable slope angle, water can flow down so that can
   keep the fruit and vegetable more fresh.
3.The tray have very strong bearing capacity.
4.With anti-rust & galvanized sheet for long life-span, is the
   most popular style in foreign markets,with or without door for cabinet.
5.Various sizes and colors for choice. Suitable for all
   supermarkets or small shops.
6.High security and quality.
7.Four strong wheels can be set at bottom if need, easy to
   move everywhere.

Our Advantage                                                                                
1.Factory direct sales with unbeatable Price and Fast Delivery Time.
2.21 years production experience.
3.Professional team to serve you.
Why Choose Us:                                                                                                     
Our company have an excellent productin team and independent factory.
(1) Our professional staff are able to recommend you the perfect choices according to your specific need.
(2) Our experienced shipping coordinators can help you to solve delivery issues, including shipment, customs clearance.
(3) Our professional workers will produce the perfect products to meet your request.
(4) Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English of course.
(5) Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
(6) We provide competitive price and fine quality products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is ready to discuss your requirement and send you a prompt professional quotation. We’re just a click away at or Whatsapp/Wechat +8613119569934. Let us help answer your questions.
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