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How To Improve The Seismic Resistance Of Pallet Rack

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Update time : 2021-05-12 17:45:27

Once heavy duty pallet racks are installed and put into warehouse use, they will exist in the logistics system for a long time. Earthquakes have occurred frequently in recent years, so many users will care about the seismic performance of pallet racks.


How much strength can the pallet rack withstand earthquakes? How to improve the seismic resistance of pallet rack? Based on HEDA's long-term experience in producing and designing storage racks, it can be summarized as follows:


1.In the world, different regions have different seismic level requirements, this parameter can be easily inquired.

2. According to the seismic requirements of each region, the storage pallet rack(especially the Automatic Storage& Retrieval System) should consider the earthquake factors in the selection design, and determine the appropriate material specifications such as columns and beams according to the design requirements; Professional analysis methods determine suitable materials; in order to save steel consumption, Top tie beams, Horizontal tie rod systems, and Vertical tie rod systems can be designed at appropriate locations to improve shelf seismic performance.

3. For ordinary warehouse, the pallet rack used mainly in a single row (width-to-height ratio is less than 1:6) can increase the Top tie beams to improve the shock resistance and anti-overturn performance.

4. The processing method of the baseplate

When making the baseplate, the components connected to the feet of the pallet rack are welded with the reinforcing steel cage of the foundation in advance, so that the entire ground forms a rigid body with the warehouse pallet rack and the steel structure of the building, which greatly improves the seismic resistance

5. Welding of pallet rack
The welding of some parts of the warehouse pallet rack adopts full penetration groove welding. The unique connection between the vertical column and the beam, through this connection, the hinge form of the vertical column and the beam can be changed to the direction of the rigid connection as much as possible; all the coupling bolts are friction type high-strength bolts.
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