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How to choose the shelf in supermarket

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Author : Shawn
Update time : 2021-05-18 16:02:04
With more and more supermarkets, the demand for supermarket shelves is also increasing. So how to choose supermarket shelves?
Shawn from Heda Shelves is here to introduce you

How to choose the shelf of supermarket? Mainly from the following analysis:

1. Select shelf manufacturer
Is there a cooperative shelf manufacturer? If not, you can find related shelf manufacturers or acquaintances online.

2. Effect design of supermarket layout
Tell the shelf manufacturer your requirements, and the manufacturer will give you the layout rendering of the whole store according to the type of store you open. Before rendering, you need to tell the manufacturer the general color you need. The manufacturer will make the rendering according to the color you want, which will be more intuitive


3. Color matching of supermarket shelves
Because the area of small supermarkets is not very large, they usually choose only one color; Large supermarkets can choose colors according to regions. For example, dark colors will be selected in tobacco and alcohol regions, light colors will be selected in boutique regions and maternal and infant regions

4. Supermarket shelf material  

Now the shelves commonly used in the market are iron shelves, steel wooden shelves and wooden shelves; Steel and wood shelves as mentioned in the previous article, why do community supermarket chains choose steel and Wood Shelves now?, With the combination of iron and wood, the wood texture shelves look more exquisite and feel hierarchical, giving people a sense of elegance, making all stores more high-end, and can put all kinds of goods, such as boutiques, snacks, daily necessities, etc; Wooden shelves are not easy to disassemble, generally made into cash register tobacco wine cabinet shelves

supermarket shelves

5. Supermarket shelf selection

According to the supermarket type and area to choose the style, such as daily and beverage area, need to choose more laminate shelf, snack area need to choose more hook shelf. If you want to make the supermarket more colorful, you can match with light bar, light box, make the goods on the shelf look more beautiful

Shawn of Heda shelves summed up several ways to choose supermarket shelves. I hope the above will help you!
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