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How to choose racks suitable for your own warehouse

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Update time : 2021-05-17 12:06:29
At present, the load-bearing capacity of light duty racks is generally 100 / 200 / 300kg per layer, which depends on what range of goods you usually put. There are two specifications of medium-sized racks: 500 / 800kg, different load-bearing, different thickness will be selective on the upright, beam and laminate.

1. According to their own needs to choose the load capacity oft the racks.

2. The size of goods stored and the three-dimensional space of the warehouse should be clear. The racks size should be choose by the space of the warehouse. The shelf size is affected by the storage of goods.
Conventional shelf specification: 2000mm * 600mm * 2000mm

3. The number of racks is customized according to the volume of goods, and the height of Heda shelves can be easily adjusted.

4. Rack handling equipment. Now whether there is a shelf stacking equipment, if so, we need to consider the turning radius, width and other factors of the equipment.

5. Import and export form and storage time of storage materials. There may be a variety of materials with different storage time in the warehouse, so we need to consider the form of in and out of the warehouse or storage mode, in order to find a really suitable storage shelf that can achieve high space utilization. For example: drive in rack system, selective pallet rack, carton folw rack, mezzanine rack.


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