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Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

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Heavy duty cantilever racks provide an excellent solution to storing irregular or long items, such as furniture, tubing, lumber etc. This is achieved by eliminating obstructions in the front of the rack and providing a clear opening in the front of the rack in lengths as long as desired. Tower spacing, column capacity, and arm capacity are critical for a safe and proper system. HEDA cantilever is available in roll formed and structural styles. It is widely used in mechanical manufacture and architecture material supermarket enterprises.

By utilizing the correct storage solution many products can be stored outside. Hot dip galvanized finish cantilever racks offer a wide range of external storage solution specially created for the wet climate environment.

HEDA modular frames provide greater flexibility than welded assemblies. Reconfiguring can be done at any time with ease as your applications grow or change. HEDA systems have an extensive range of arm, base combinations to suit all types of applications whether they are large or small.

HEDA pivot arm technology is very effective and strong. If impact occurs, the pivoting arm swings upwards so protecting the arm and preventing structural damage.

“C/C” Column Cantilever Racking

HEDA rolling formed C/C column heavy duty cantilever racks are used around the world. Our C/C column heavy duty cantilever racks can be any size and laid out to fit any space requirement. It is suitable for shelving and displaying a variety products in bulk, from pallets to long lengths of timber and piping. Considerations are rack height, overall maximum load on each storage level, rack length (which is usually determined by length of product being stored) and double or single side.



●Various column heights and cantilever arm lengths to ensure an ideal space-saving arrangement for every application.

●Pivot arms-ensuring safe loading and unloading of stock. Pivot arms provide protection against damage to your stock and racking investment.

●User-friendly: No tools required for arm height adjustment. Simple locking pin mechanism.

●Hot dip galvanized and powder coating options available.

“H” Column Cantilever Racking

HEDA structural steel H column heavy duty cantilever racks are multi-lever high density storage system designed to handle long length materials. They are the most efficient and affordable way to store lumber, engineered wood products, re-bar, metal roofing, pipe etc. I-Beam cantilever can be used indoors or out. Plus, It’s economical and versatile, whether it’s used as stand alone storage unit, or used to support the roof of a shed or building, like T and L-Sheds.


●Constructed of structural steel I-beams.

●Double and single sided configurations available.

●Different column and arm sizes available to suit various load requirements.

●3,4 or 5 levels of storage available

●Arms adjust vertically in 4’’ increments

●Bolted arm and base connections

HEDA will always provide you with the perfect warehousing solutions.

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