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Detailed for installation of mezzanine rack

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Update time : 2021-05-18 17:18:48
Mezzanine rack very common in daily life, such as large workshops, factories and warehouses, and even some express delivery points also use mezzanine rack . The can greatly improve the space utilization, because it can add a new shelf layer to the existing shelf. More importantly, the installation steps of the loft platform shelf are very simple and the operation is very simple. 

What are the installation steps of the mezzazzine rack ?

1.Preparation work, before doing anything, you need to be prepared, and the installation of the mezzanine rack must also be prepared. In order to install the mezzanine rack smoothly, we must first understand the budgeted cost and design details before installation of mezzanine rack. This can not only avoid insufficient budget, but also prevent the emergence of problems such as materials and details.
2.Secondly, understand the basic structure of the mezzanine rack. Although you have a certain understanding of the design details of the mezzanine rack, in order to better install the mezzanine rack, you should also fully understand the overall structure of the mezzanine rack. Generally speaking, the mezzanine rack has two to three , and the height of the first floor is about two to three meters, that is, the height of mezzanine rack is at least seven meters high; of course, the height of the shelves of different styles and different sizes may be different. In other words, it is necessary to reserve a certain amount of space before installation in order to facilitate access to the goods.
3.The third and final step is the formal assembly. Because most of the mezzanine rack can be simply installed as a whole, even the simplest screwdriver can not be used when installing the mezzanine rack; but it is very important to ensure the safety of product quality problems; according to the operation steps, it can be used in the operation Instructions on installation.
4.The installation steps of the mezzanine rack are introduced above. The assembly of the mezzanine rack is also very simple. The flexible use of the attic shelf can expand the warehouse reserve. In order to save costs, many manufacturers or enterprises install themselves, which can greatly reduce the installation cost.
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