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Advantages Of HEDA AS/RS System

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Update time : 2021-05-14 16:18:36
1. Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics system and improve the level of production management.

The traditional warehouse is just the place where the cargos are stored, and the only function is to keep the cargos. Automated warehouse using automated material handling equipment is advanced, which can not only make the cargos in the warehouse according to the needs of automatic access, but also production and warehouse outside the organic connection, and through the computer management system and automated material handling equipment in the warehouse has become an important link in production logistics.

2. Accelerate the efficiency of sorting, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency

The establishment of logistics system to the automated warehouse as the center, its superiority is also reflected in the ability to quickly enter the warehouse with the automation overhead, can quickly and properly elevated the cargos deposited in the warehouse, can quickly and timely and automatically will be needed for the production of parts and raw materials to the production line. This feature cannot be achieved by ordinary warehouse. At the same time, the realization of automated warehouse is the most typical example to reduce the labor intensity of workers. The reduction of labor intensity is comprehensive.

3. Reduce inventory overstock

HEDA after the investigation to some large enterprises, due to historical reasons, the backward management, material management to scattered, closely linked with production management and production process is difficult to place, in order to reach the expected production capacity and meet the production requirements, it is necessary to prepare sufficient raw materials and spare parts. This backlog has become a big problem. How to reduce the overstock of inventory and fully meet the needs of production has become a major problem faced by large enterprises. One of the most effective means to solve this problem is the overhead system.

4. Improve space utilization

The basic starting point is to improve the space utilization rate, and to make full use of the limited and valuable land. Some developed countries to improve the utilization of space has a more extensive and profound meaning, saving land, has been associated with energy conservation, environmental protection and other aspects. Some even take the space utilization as the system rationality and the advanced appraisal the important target treats. The space utilization ratio of the stereo library is closely linked with the planning. In general, the automated warehouse space utilization rate of 2-5 times the average flat. This is quite impressive.

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