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Advantages of heavy-duty storage racks

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Update time : 2021-05-19 12:02:56
Heavy-duty racks are widely used in warehouses, express companies, construction sites and other places. No matter what kind of goods are more suitable for carrying, but because of its strong versatility, it has been widely used in the market.

Heavy-duty racks are mainly composed of beams and self-locking bolts. The height and width of the beams can be adjusted according to the size of the goods. Most of the connection methods of large shelves adopt simple locking methods, which are characterized by being able to be disassembled and assembled at will. However, heavy-duty racks are also divided into two categories: one type is beam-type heavy-duty racks. This structure is not easy to be damaged under the action of external force, and has the characteristics of large bearing capacity. The second is a shelf with a heavy pallet. This kind of frame is very simple to install. Although it is light in weight, it has strong carrying capacity and low price, so it is very popular in the market.
According to the different items loaded, different accessories such as baffle, net cover, cage guide rail, article protection layer and so on can be installed on the heavy shelf according to the actual situation. Since the structure of the heavy-duty rack is a frame type, the more layers of the rack, the lighter the carrying capacity. Because the customizable nature of the heavy-duty bracket facilitates most users, no matter how many tons of goods there are, it can be customized to the heavy-duty shelf.
Although the loading combination of heavy-duty racks is more convenient, users should choose different specifications according to the loading requirements, the size of the goods, the actual space of the warehouse, and the height that the forklift can lift when loading and unloading goods. It is important to note that in the process of placing goods, attention should be paid to the increasing order of weight from high to low. In order to achieve the principle of high-rise lightweight and low-level counterweight, the high weight of the goods placed on each layer must not exceed the large capacity that the shelf can carry. When loading the goods, they should be handled with care and placed safely to avoid damage caused by the impact of the forklift on the shelf during the loading process. When storing items on the shelves, please remember that people should not stand at the bottom of the shelves to avoid casualties due to the collapse of the goods. Do not use non-standard cardboard pallets in heavy shelf transformation. If the materials used are not standardized, the goods will not be stored securely.
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