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Advantages and applications of heavy storage shelves

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Update time : 2021-04-27 12:06:32
Heavy duty shelves are widely used in warehouses, express delivery companies, construction sites and other places. No matter what kind of goods are more suitable to carry, but because of its strong versatility, in the market has been widely used.


Heavy-duty shelves are mainly composed of beams and self-locking bolts. The height and width of the beams can be adjusted according to the size of the goods. The connection mode of large shelves mostly adopts simple locking mode, which can be disassembled and assembled at will. But heavy shelves are also divided into two categories: one is beam type heavy shelves. This kind of structure is not easy to damage under the action of external force and has the characteristics of large bearing capacity. The second is a pallet heavy shelf. This kind of frame is very simple to install, although light weight, but the carrying capacity is strong, the price is low, so it is very popular in the market.

According to different items loaded, different accessories such as baffle plate, net cover, cage guide rail and protective layer can be installed on the heavy duty shelves according to the actual situation. Because the structure of the heavy shelf belongs to the frame type, the more the shelf layer, the lighter the carrying capacity. Because of the customization nature of the heavy-duty stand, it is convenient for most users, no matter how many tons of goods can be customized to the heavy-duty shelf.

Although the loading combination of heavy duty shelves is more convenient, the user should choose different specifications according to the loading requirements, the size of the goods, the actual size of the warehouse space and the height that the forklift can lift when loading and unloading goods. It is important to note the order in which the weight increases from high to low during the placement of the cargo. In order to realize the principle of high lightweight and low weight, the high weight of the goods placed on each floor shall not exceed the large capacity of the shelves. When loading the goods, they should be handled with care and placed safely to avoid the damage caused by the impact of the forklift on the shelves in the loading process. When storing items on shelves, remember that people should not stand at the bottom of the shelves to avoid casualties caused by collapsing goods. In the heavy shelf transformation, do not use non-standard cardboard pallets, if the materials used are not standard, it will lead to the storage of goods is not firm.
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